Peter Hook & The Light, Concorde 2, Friday, 22 February, 2019

When bassist Peter Hook formed The Light after leaving New Order acrimoniously in 2007, it felt primarily like a two-fingered gesture; a crass attempt to wring a few extra quid out of the band’s legacy.

A decade later, though, the project is still selling out venues thanks to a loyal band of hero-worshipping 50-somethings.

A run-through of 1989’s Balearic-inspired classic Technique began with oddly jaunty versions of All the Way and Love Less. But Round and Round and Mr Disco’s crashing synths and thudding drums injected a shot of energy, reinforcing the album’s legendary status.

The same couldn’t be said of the flawed and bloated Republic, which tailed off badly after the excellent Regret and World.

In a money-shot encore, World in Motion and Temptation were utterly euphoric, while a punky singalong version of Love Will Tear us Apart was a genuinely touching moment.

It was impossible to shake the feeling that this was a tribute rather than the real thing – but you won’t find many better tributes than this.


Originally published in The Argus.


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