Jimothy Lacoste, Concorde 2, Wednesday, 13 February 2019


Appraising a Jimothy live show feels worthy of an academic thesis. On one hand it’s a theatrical manifestation of the narcissistic online culture that spawned him.

The stage is decorated with a large Jimothy portrait and a backdrop of Jimothy photos as he announces: “I am the king, I am the best.” Everyone – including his own DJ – is filming him through iPhone filters.

But the 20 year-old Londoner is pure parody; a post-postmodernistic idol wrapped in so many layers of irony it’s almost unnerving.

And yet he insists the Streets-esque project is deadly serious. Jimothy’s hyper-fashionable embrace of 1990s designer gear feels ridiculous, but his simplistic, idiosyncratic lyrics clearly resonate with a crowd of mostly Generation Z-ers.

The show has the feel of a ‘best of’ set, with choruses from YouTube hits FUTURE BAE, Subway System and Getting Busy! sung back word for word.

The experience is such a fun one that you soon stop caring whether Jimothy is an elaborate joke and simply embrace the disposable joyousness of it all.


Originally published in The Argus.


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